Snow Plowing Toronto

Snow Plowing Toronto

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Being a homeowner in Greater Toronto Area adds much responsibility to you. During winters, you need to clean your driveway from snow multiple times. And being a good citizen, you need to clean your driveway so that the snow is not back on the streets. Otherwise, you’ll be charged up to $1000.

A1 Driveway Sealers provides you safest and efficient snow plowing operations. Our professionals will offer you plowed and passable roads. And after plowing, the streets will be treated with sand/salt mix, which will prevent icing and slippery conditions. Furthermore, our services are for driveways, pathways, roofs, and landscapes as well. These services are available 24/7 for your help as our professionals will help you reach your destination safely and on time.

Our Snow Management Services:

In our snow management services, the two most common options are:

  1. Snow Removal.
  2. Snow Plowing.

1. Snow Removal:

It is for commercial areas where there is no space to store snow. As in snow removal, we need to pick up the snow and move it to some other areas. So it is a costly process.

2. Snow Plowing:

This process is for residential areas. Homeowners usually have a room in their driveway or extra space to store the snow till spring. Plowing is just moving the snow to the sides for clearing up the driveway for vehicles. So it is an economical process.

Our Snow Plowing Process:

Clearing up driveways:

Toronto Driveway Sealer professionals will clear your driveways and will create more space around your doors. We will make your driveways with plows and snow blowers.

Clearing of Walkways:

We will clear your walkways with the shovel and mechanical brooms. And will make you walk comfortably and safely around the town.

Use of deicing products:

Except for sand and salt, we use deicing products that are less corrosive and don’t harm plants. Moreover, snow accumulation of an inch per hour is extremely difficult to keep up. And more snow during rush hours (during school time, office hours, and day time) creates additional tactical problems. In this regard, we need your patience, understanding, and co-operation during this process. We also provide you with forecasting services and road temperature sensor technology.

Roof Cleaning:

To prevent blockage of your front door, you need to shovel off the snow from your roof. Our friendly and professional snow plowing crew will help you clear up the area for safe driving and walking.

How much our Snow Plowing services cost?

Snowplowing services vary in pricing. charge according to the following factors:

  • Area to cover.
  • Either accessing that area is easy or hard.
  • Presence of obstacles.

We also charge according to:

Amount of Snowfall:

If there is average snowfall at the start of the season, we’ll charge low. And this amount remains fixed even if there are unexpected storms.

Pay according to inches:

In this method, you’ll have to pay according to inches. Higher the inch, the higher will be the rate. In this way, you’re going to pay for what service you’ve received.

Pay according to the hour:

In this method, you’ll have to pay according to hours. So the more hours it will take, the more it will charge. And it depends upon whether the snow is wet or dry and powdery.

Our Scheduling Process:

To schedule our services, you need to call us to get a free quote. Yes, it is that simple. So call us and discuss with our experts about your property. And then, A1-Driveway-Sealer professionals will decide the services and price according to your property. So look no further. We’ll provide you with our best services. As we give no contract, no obligation, and simple snow removal. And with our best services over the years, you can find independent reviews about us. Plus, our plowing professionals are insured. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything and leave everything to us.

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