Pothole Repair Toronto

Pothole Repair Toronto
Before the seal coating, you need to repair the pavement. And if there are potholes, they must fill as soon as possible. As leaving potholes untreated, can cause further damage to the pavement and is dangerous for the vehicles as well. Moreover, they disturb the usual traffic and is hazardous for pedestrians. With A1 Driveway sealers filling of potholes is easy and inexpensive.

Our Pothole Repairing Services:

Because of the seasonal temperature fluctuations, you need regular pothole repair and crack sealing services as water and oil weaken the structural layer of pavement. And then massive traffic results in the formation of large cracks and potholes. A1 Driveway Sealer Toronto professionals will save your money and time. Your pavement will be traffic ready immediately. With our best pothole repair services, you don’t need to repair your pavement again and again as our advanced and best sealants have excellent workability.

Different pothole repair methods we use:

  • Semi-permanent pothole repair:

    Even this method is not permanent, but it is quite useful as it removes all the dirt and water from a pothole. Our professionals will use the best equipment for the best results.

     Steps followed during this process:

    • Removal of liquid and dirt from the patch.
    • Secondly, cutting edges along the side of the pothole.
    • Thirdly, mixing the material and adding it into the spot.
    • Lastly, compacting the surface with a vibrating machine.
  • Throw and Roll pothole repair:

    This one is a simple technique used to repair the pothole. And it uses for a temporary fix during unfavorable weather conditions.

    Steps followed during this process are:

    • Throw the patch material in the pothole.
    • Roll some heavy vehicles over the patch-material in the pothole.
    • Compact the cold patch material.

    As a result of compacting, the patch material will fix over the pothole and will last longer. But this method is not much beneficial. So we suggest our customers use this only for temporary repair.

  • Edge seal pothole repair:

    We would seal the edges of your pavement if they got torn because of adverse weather conditions. Our professionals will apply patch material over the edges to avoid the pavement to break down.

    Steps followed in this process are:

    • Firstly, we’ll use the same throw and roll technique.
    • Secondly, we’ll seal the edge of the patch by placing the tack.
    • Then, we’ll place sand on the tack.
  • Full-depth roadway pothole repair:

    Our specialists will thoroughly remove the effected pavement and the pothole. And then rebuild the pavement by using old asphalt. It is a quite complex method, and only our best professionals can perform it.

    Following steps will be used in this method:

    • Firstly asphalt is crush with water and cement.
    • Then, it is compacted.
    • And then the asphalt layer will apply.
    • Finally, we’ll roll the roller machines over it.

    This method is highly recommended and is more durable.

  • Spray-injection pothole repair:

    Our experts will use the specialized types of equipment for this method. As in this method, we use self-contained trucks having separate storage compartments. Our professionals are highly qualified, and they have years of experience. We use this method for quite large cracks.

    Followed steps in this method are:

    • Firstly the patch area will be clean.
    • Secondly, apply the tack coat and asphalt mixture.
    • Lastly, we’ll use a dry coat layer of asphalt.

    This method is quite durable and is for large cracks.

  • Patch material used by us in pothole repair:

      • Cold patch material.
    • Water-activated raw patch material.
    • Hot-mix material.

    We apply all of these three materials on the patch. And then are compact by the different types of equipment.
    Water-activated cold patch material is getting popular among the property owners and road maintenance crews as it is durable fast and hard. And get ready for the traffic immediately. We promises the best quality, durability, 24/7 service commitment, co-operative team, and affordable price. So call us and get a free quote if you need a pothole repair.

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