Line Striping Toronto

Line Striping Toronto

Line Striping-For parking lot and pavement markings

Are you looking to improve the look for your pavement? Or have a parking lot waiting to refresh or a new one which requires some fascinating line striping? A1 Driveway Sealer experts will give your parking lot a fresh and an artistic look. We will completely transform your driveway and give it a new look. A1 Driveway Sealers also meet all the standards of the industry. We are confident about our services. Furthermore, we are the best sealers in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our line-striping services:

Line-striping is much more complicated than people think. It is an art with which only professionals are well aware. You maybe don’t give a second thought to the lines carved on the road. But they are crucial for safety and must be according to the laws.

Our driveway sealing professionals will provide you re-striping jobs from simple to more complex. Plus, they will also give you pattern work applications. As our professionals are well-aware of all the measurements used for line-striping. They know about:

  • Line striping for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Line-striping for fire lanes and areas of no parking.
  • Line striping which is neat, correctly measured, and also easily visible.

A1 Driveway Sealers will leave your good impression on the visitors. And So we will not let you down with the inferior markings. Not only will we provide you services that suit you. But also, our services are pocket friendly.

Layout plan and meeting ADA requirements:

The Curbs, bollards, and wheel stops must be appropriately marked. That is why (our driveway) sealing experts plan layout very carefully. And follow all the rules and instructions.

The American with Disabilities Act was signed in July 1990. This act describes the minimum number of disabled accessible spaces along with minimum measurements and signage requirements in case of line-striping.

Types of striping we provide:

A1 Driveway Sealers provides three types of line-striping:

  • Fresh Striping.
  • Re-Striping.
  • Re-surfaced re-striping.

A new layout requires two coats. The first one seals the Asphalt, and the second one is also to get the mileage. As well as, we are well aware of angle, perpendicular, and parallel parking.

Business Benefits:

Line striping is beneficial for your business, as well. It will not only make your parking lot look good. But also will make your customers have more trust in you. As parking lots with line stripes are less likely to accidents than those, who lack line stripes.

Parking lot and pavement maintenance:

Parking lots and pavements need to be maintained regularly. They need to be washed at least with water from time to time. And the stripes are required to be re-striped almost every year. Well-maintained and welcoming parking lots are equally important in your business. They will make your customers visit more and make them shop more.

The maintenance of the parking lots depends upon three conditions:

  • Amount of traffic.
  • Size of the parking lot.
  • Weather conditions.
  • Line Striping Paint:

Re-striping can disturb your customers and your business as well. Furthermore, it can affect your budget. A1 Driveway Sealers will provide you with the best line striping paints. So, they will last long. And you can grow your business with no worries.

Parking lot striping machines:

In addition to our years of experience, we use high-quality line striping machines. These machines not only provide neat and high-quality work. But also let us complete the task fast. These services will give you dominance over your competitors. Choosing A1 Driveway Sealers is your way to success.

Our guaranteed services:

A1 Driveway Sealers, help you to plan better for the future. Our professional will consult you on strategies for your parking lot striping. Consequently, it will help you to get the most out of your business. And will let your customers shop without any hassle. A1 Driveway sealers will provide you the safest and most efficient parking experience.

So call us now or fill the free online form to learn more about line-striping. And to get a free estimate for your lot.

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