Interlock Sealing Toronto

Interlock Sealing Toronto

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Interlocking pavers give an aesthetic and artistic look to your driveways and walkways. If you’re a homeowner or owns a property, you need to maintain interlocking pavers and other things. Interlock pavers are susceptible to stains and discoloration in cold weather. Furthermore, throughout the year, they experience extreme weather conditions and wear and tear. Also, they are vulnerable to dirt, rain, and leftover driveway residue.

It would be best if you sealed your interlock pavers to keep them in their best condition throughout the year. A1 Driveway Sealers will provide you with their best tools, and our professionals are well aware of the interlock sealing process.

Our Sealing Process:

  • Pieces of equipment Required:
  • Garden Duct.
  • Bucket and Water.
  • Brush for Scrubbing.
  • Stain Remover.
  • Paint roller and sprayer.
  • Stiff bristled broom.
  • Sand.
  • Interlock Sealant.

Steps followed during interlock sealing:

  1. Washing of the Pavers:

    Wash the pavers thoroughly with the garden duct. Washing will help you to remove extra dirt and debris. As before sealing of paving stones, their cleaning is necessary. Because sealant will not adhere to the dirt on the surface. And make sure to move the extra furniture and stuff from the area before cleaning the pavers.

  2. Washing the pavers with the detergent solution:

    Add detergent and water into the bucket and make a solution. Then, wash the pavers thoroughly with that soapy solution. This detergent solution will remove the extra amount of dirt, which was hard to remove with plain water.
    Scrubbing the pavers:
    Let the detergent solution set on the pavers. And then scrub the pavers with the scrubbing brush to remove all the dirt and oil stains.

  3. Use of stain removers:

    If even after cleaning with the detergent solution and scrubbing brushes, some stains are still there then apply the stain removers. These stain removers will remove all the oil stains and other vehicle liquid stains, if present. Also, follow the instructions carefully while using the stain removers.

  4. Apply sand between paving stones:

    Look at the paving joints. Whether the right amount of sand is present in these joints or not. This step is significant. As this sand helps to keep the pavers in place. Therefore, it is necessary to place the right amount of sand between joints. Toronto A1 Driveway Sealer professionals are well aware of the right amount of usage of sand. Sweep the extra amount of sand with the help of a bristled broom.

    The right amount of sand is about half the height of the paving stone. And sweep away an extra amount of sand.

  5. Application of interlock sealant:

    After the cleaning process, apply the interlock sealant. Choosing the best interlock sealant is also necessary. A1 Driveway Sealers provide professional Asphalt sealing and repair services. Our professionals are very hardworking and co-operative. And they will make you choose the best sealant. Our sealant will give your interlock pavers:

    • Clean appearance.
    • Semi-gloss look.
    • Fresh color and natural look.

    As a result, your driveway will look as natural and fresh as a new one. In this way, not only the look of the paver changes, but the value of the property also increases.

    The application of the sealant is quite technical. If you want to get a proper look, then consult our professionals to help you. We pride ourselves on using the best sealants. And we’ll provide you our best services at the best price.

    First of all, spread the sealer on the paving stones. And with the help of paint or spray roller, apply the sealant evenly and carefully. After that, let the sealer dry and then enjoy your new looking paving stones.

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