Concrete Sealing Toronto

Concrete Sealing Toronto

Top Quality Concrete Sealing at Best Price in Toronto

Concrete pavement starts to come off after some time. And it creates a problem for homeowners and commercial property owners. As now, it will require extra care. Otherwise, it will attract more dirt, mold, and debris. Furthermore, it will destroy the curb appeal of your home. And it will become difficult to clean with regular detergents. Therefore, it needs to be seal coated from time to time. A1 Driveway Sealers will help you to seal your concrete pavement most effectively.

How long do you have to wait to seal concrete?

Never apply sealer on damp and wet concrete. As the sealer will not adhere to the wet pavement. Therefore, you should wait for the sealing to dry. It usually takes 2-28 days to dry. And don’t apply sealer on a new concrete as it doesn’t need sealing.

There are different types of sealers, including:

  • Water-based low gloss sealer.
  • Water-based high gloss sealer.

There is another type of sealer as well named as a penetrating sealer. This sealer is used just for sealing. And it doesn’t cure the concrete. It is a silicon water repellent sealant for new concrete.

You can protect your concrete from damage and surface abrasion only by seal coating it. As a seal coated concrete is more resistant to:

  • Water absorption.
  • Surface abrasion.
  • Dusting.
  • Molding.
  • Staining.
  • Cracking.
  • Freeze-thaw and salt damage.

It all depends on you that which type of sealer you want to apply. You can either use a silicate sealer for extra strength or a water-resistant sealer to prevent water absorption once the concrete is dry; it all depends on your choice.

Lastly, the temperature of the surrounding air should be 50 Fahrenheit for sealant’s best application. This temperature is required during and 24 hours after the implementation of the sealant.

How to apply a concrete sealer?

Prepare concrete before sealing:

  • First of all, you need to clean the surface. And if any old concrete sealer was previously applied, you’ll need to remove it. Our experts have years of experience with removing the old concrete sealer. They are well-aware of the sandblasting method and chemical stripping as well. As chemical strippers need some caution while applying because they are acid-based.
  • Our professionals usually use a less toxic and environmentally friendly product to remove the old sealer. For example, those made of soy or citrus. But as they take longer to work, our experts will discuss the project with you first. And then, we’ll work according to your requirement.
  • Secondly, you should remove all of the dust, oil stains, and grease before implementing the sealant as the sealant will not adhere to these particles on the surface.
  • Lastly, you must etch the surface before applying the sealant because etching will give more efficient results.

Steps for the application of the sealant:

  • After the cleaning of the cement. Then, apply a thin layer of sealant with the help of a paintbrush or sprayer.
    Wait until the first layer dries.
  • After that, apply a second coat in the opposite direction.
  • Allow the sealer to dry completely before using the pavement.

Two coats of sealant are applied for the smooth and even finish. Therefore, A1 Driveway Sealer Toronto specialists will apply two coats to give your home an artistic look. Also, using the right tools is essential for the best coverage and sealer thickness. Plus, we use the best sealing products for the best results.

Concrete Sealer Dry time:

For the interior concrete floor, make sure to have plenty of ventilation. As it will help the concreteย sealer to dry quickly. At least wait for 2 hours before applying the second coat. And then stand by for the sealant to dry before using it for walking or traffic. Usually, its drying time is three days. But check the sealant can for the exact dry time.

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