Asphalt Sealing: What Makes Our Asphalt Sealant the Best

Asphalt Sealing Toronto
Either you own a private driveway or commercial parking lot, it needs to be seal coated from time to time. A1 Driveway Sealer offers high quality and inexpensive seal coating. Sealcoating is essential for your pavement because:

  • The life span of your pavement is increased.
  • It enhances the overall look of your pavement.
  • It allows for safe passage.
  • Protect investment.

Asphalt seal coating has some specific features:

  • It protects the pavement from oxidation.
  • From rain, water, and snow etc. (water and oil weaken the structural layer of pavement).
  • It accelerates the melting process of snow.

Asphalt seal coating not only will make your pavement look new and increase its beauty. But will also help you save your money. In addition to this, the seal coat fills the surface damage, protect against U.V. rays, and extreme weather conditions.

When to seal coat your pavement:

There’s a considerable difference between re-paving and seal coating. You must know about when to seal coat your pavement. If the pavement requires re-paving, then seal coating will not help. For instance, if your sidewalk has huge cracks or potholes, then seal coat alone is not going to help. Firstly, you need to re-pave your pavement. Then, apply the seal coat for extra protection.

Our Asphalt Seal Coating Process:

A1 Driveway Sealer experts will seal coat your pavement. But before this, they will take the following measures for best seal coating:

  • Evaluate the surface:

    For best seal coating, first of all, you need to evaluate the surface. Our driveway sealing professionals will check that whether your pavement needs re-paving or not. And whether the roadway is new or old. A new pavement requires seal coating after at least 12 months. So if the pavement is new, it doesn’t need to be seal coated.

  • Clean the Surface:

    For the Asphalt sealant to adhere firmly with the surface, we need to clean the surface first. A1 Driveway Sealer professionals will clean the surface with a pressure washer. This cleaning will further clean the surface from dust, sand, and debris etc.

  • Identify cracks and repair:

    Thirdly, our best asphalt sealing experts will identify the cracks. And they will repair those cracks. Consequently, the asphalt sealant will adhere smoothly with the surface and will last long.

  • Pothole repair:

    A pothole needs to be repaired appropriately before seal coating. Our experts will fill or repair the pothole with the proper mixture.

  • Clean oil spots and priming:

    Oil spots will not let the sealant to adhere with the surface properly. Therefore, you have to clean them first. Our experts will clean the oil spots with primer agents to clean them properly.

Our best method of applying sealant:

Measure the driveway:

A1 Driveway Sealer experts will measure the driveway to know how much sealant to purchase.

Applying a sealant on a dry day:

We maintain 55 degrees Fahrenheit of the temperature of air and pavement for the best results. That is why it is essential to apply the sealant on a dry day for the smooth results.

Use of premium asphalt sealant:

We use premium asphalt sealants for more extended durability. Our best asphalt sealants are:

  • U.V. stabilizers.
  • Contain high-quality resins.
  • And elastomeric material.

And we use sealants with high guarantees of effectiveness. Lastly, our experts are well aware of the use of sealant according to the type of asphalt pavement.

Use of rubberized tube fillers:

We use rubberized fillers to fill the small cracks. In this way, the cracks will level up with the normal surface. And then we let the fillers to dry for at least a day before applying asphalt sealant.

Apply of Sealant:

Our sealing professionals apply asphalt sealant in thin coats over four by 4-foot area. We wait for at least 24 hours to apply the second coat. And then wait 48 hours before letting you drive on it.

Qualities of our best sealant:

Easy applying and durability:

Its applying method is straightforward. You can easily apply it by a roller or sprayer. And it quickly dries. It usually takes four hours to dry for foot use as it has jell and fast dry technology. And as a result, it gives maximum performance.

It is used as a filler as well:

Our asphalt sealant can seal the pavement before applying sealant. It will fill the wide cracks, low spots, and depressions etc. Moreover, this sealant will provide you durable and even surface.

It’s Coverage:

It is the best driveway sealer, and it covers a wide range of surface. Not only this, but it is also easy to clean. Furthermore, you can apply it on a wide range of surfaces such as parking lots, commercial driveways, airport ramps, residential driveways etc.

It is Natural and No Dilution:

Our best asphalt sealant is natural as it is oil-based and it has acrylic latex formula. As a result, it gives smooth performance and is durable. A1 Driveway Sealer’s professionals let the sealant stay natural. Therefore, we don’t add water or gasoline in it.


We are well-aware of the budget requirements. That is why our best asphalt sealant comes at a very average price. So you are going to get more than your investment. Just follow the instructions written on the product.
For more information, call us on our number and request a free quote for your next paving project.

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