Asphalt Seal Coating Toronto

Asphalt Seal Coating Toronto

Top Quality Asphalt Seal Coating Service in Toronto, ON Canada.

Asphalt pavement is porous and is easily susceptible to sunlight, water, and oil. If you do not seal it properly, water or oil will seep through it and damage your pavement’s structural layers. Likewise, U.V. rays of the sunlight will make the Asphalt pavement look dull and gray. And it will naturally deteriorate it. Therefore, to protect your pavement, you need to seal coat it.

What does it mean by Asphalt Seal coating?

Asphalt pavement is made of rocks and gravel, along with the binder. This binder is a mixture of coal tar and other specific additives. For protection, the pavement needs to be seal appropriately coated with the Asphalt Sealant.

Benefits of Seal coating:

  • If you’re a homeowner, a seal coating is beneficial for you in many ways. Such as:
  • It prolongs the pavement’s lifetime.
  • It saves you money. As after sealing, you don’t have to repair or repave your roadway more often.
  • It increases the value of your property.
  • It slows down oxidation, which, as a result, prevents cracking.
  • And it prevents the water penetration into your pavement.

Our Asphalt Seal coating Process:

A1 Driveway Sealer Toronto professionals will provide you with the most economical and efficient services. Our Asphalt Seal coating process includes:

  • Firstly, our professionals will thoroughly clean your pavement for the sealant to adhere firmly.
  • Secondly, we will prepare the seal coat.
  • And then, we’ll apply the seal coat as a liquid.
  • After drying, the seal coat will become pitch black in color. And will give the curb appeal to your pavement.
  • Lastly, we’ll re-coat your pavement to provide it with a perfect and professional look. As for a commercial area, we need to double coat the pavement. And for a heavy traffic road, we need to triple coat the pavement.

How often you should seal coat your pavement, and how much does it cost?

  • Sealing of your Asphalt pavement depends upon the weather conditions and the traffic of your area. Our professionals will have a look at your driveway and then will suggest you whether to seal coat your pavement or not. Most importantly, if your pavement is new, you don’t need to seal coat it.
  • Seal coating of your Asphalt pavement is much economical as compared to the repairing or repaving of your pavement. Moreover, a small driveway will cost less as compared to the large driveway. But, our professionals will inform you about the right price only after the diagnosis of your pavement.
  • A1 Driveway Sealers will provide you with the entire hassle-free process. And we pride our professionals on being the best as we use the best Asphalt sealing product. We use products that last long and make the cleaning and sweeping of your pavement smooth. And as parking lots and driveways are the first impressions of your property. You should maintain them properly and regularly. Our professionals with their years of experience can do it best. Consequently, it will make your customers buy more from you.

Our excellent artistry and detailed process:

Our professionals are adequately experienced and are insured to provide you with the Greater Toronto Area’s best services. And we thoroughly clean the pavement before the application of the sealant. As on the unclean surface, sealant will not adhere properly. Furthermore, our process is very transparent. And we’ll clear all of your queries regarding the process.

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  • Our services will make you have more trust in us. And you’ll surely contact us every time you need a seal coat as we provide 24/7 assistance with a friendly smile. So have no worries and contact us to get our world-class services in GTA and the suburbs.

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